Andy Cobb
      “Video that even a professional cynic like me can love.”                           “This. Is. Genius.”
                           Andrew Romano, Newsweek                                    Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post

                                  “Exceedingly funny.”                     “Must-see TV for inside-the-beltway bloggers and journalists.”
                 Tom Bevan, Time/CNN/RealClearPolitics                                 Daniel Libit,

                            “A blast of cathartic humor.”                                               “Genuinely Hilarious.”
                         Jason Linkins, Huffington Post                                                Josh Marshall, TPM

Andy Cobb is a comic actor, writer and director whose satirical sketch comedy has recently been seen over 5 million times on the web.  His work has also been featured on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Newsweek, ABC, FOX News, Nightline, and more.  He directs a satirical video troupe of fellow alums of Chicago’s Second City, producing video for advocacy and entertainment outlets regularly seen on television and across the web.